KetogenicDiet Helps In The Treatment Of Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a kind of neurological disorder that is identified by the recurrent seizures. The brain activity becomes abnormal and causes unusual behavior including the loss of memory. There are anti-seizure medications which are helpful in reducing the effect of epilepsy. Different individuals might have different intensity of seizures. So, not all the medications are suitable for you. Take the help from the doctor for the right treatment.

Reduce the symptoms of epilepsy with the keto diet

Convulsion with no temperature, fainting, sleeping disorder, psychogenic seizures, panic attacks and nightmare are some of the symptoms of epilepsy. Although, the exact cause of epilepsy is not known, there are certain methods by which you can reduce the symptoms of this disease. The ketogenic diet is one of the effective ways which helps in controlling the seizures in epilepsy. Remember, it is not an alternative for the anti-seizure medications.

Keto diet- A solution to epilepsy in Kids

The ketogenic diet is helpful in reducing the severity of seizures and controls the behavior of the child who is suffering from epilepsy. This type of diet is recommended by the doctors only to those children in whom the seizure is not controlled through the anti-epileptic drug. It is a specialized diet which should be given only after the recommendation from the doctor.

About the keto diet for the epilepsy patients

Keto diet is the low carbohydrate and high-fat diet. It cuts down the intake of carbs in your body and allows your body to utilize fat for generating energy. During the process when the body consumes fat for generating energy, ketones are also generated in the body.  Ketones are used instead of glucose as an energy source. During this process, decanoic acid is also produced which is helpful in reducing the seizures.

Keto food items that help in reducing seizures

Children above 12 months of age are suitable to for the keto diet if they are suffering from epilepsy.  However, there is a need for detailed monitoring by the parents and the doctors to take care of the child suffering from epilepsy. The diet restricts the carb food items hence you should plan the keto meals properly for getting relief. Some of the food items which you can eat include:

Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) diet: This type of diet allows the epilepsy patients to include protein and carbohydrate-rich food items in their diet. Natural fatty foods can also be included in this type of diet.

Classical keto diet:  This is the common type in which the ratio of carbohydrate to fat and protein is measured. You can include keto butter, butter, oil and protein-rich food. In this, no other source of carbohydrate can be taken.  This type of diet is mainly recommended for the kids.

Lower the medication while on the keto diet

Many doctors have suggested that if the kids are on the ketogenic diet then their medications can be lowered. This makes the kids feel healthier as they are seeing fewer pills. This diet can be started while in the hospital but you can continue it at your home as well. This also makes the kids feel better as they don’t have to see the doctors or nurses around.